About JIllian Pedrick


Therapy should feel comfortable and safe for optimal progress to take place. That’s why as a client, you can always expect patience, kindness, respect, and non-judgmental support as we work together to heal relationship pain. During couples therapy, this means I treat you as equals, and I am respectful of each of your experiences in your relationship. I work to support you as individuals and as a couple to ensure that you are both heard, seen, and supported while we work to improve your relationship. As a reliable psychotherapist, I also provide grounded and authentic feedback when required.

As your therapist, my work begins before our first appointment. Before booking with me, I discuss your goals for therapy and ask you and your partner (for couples therapy) to complete a confidential questionnaire to help me understand both of your perspectives ahead of time. Doing this work beforehand saves you time and money, as once I assess your answers, we can begin work as soon as your first session begins.

I have experience counseling clients from the entire spectrum of sexual preferences, and from multi-ethnic backgrounds. I respect, welcome, and celebrate the diversity of my clients, and work hard to ensure you feel safe, understood, and accepted during our sessions.

As a result, my clients stay with me throughout their problems and return to me if anything arises later in life. This loyalty comes from their trust that I have the tools and knowledge to help them solve any problem that comes up in their relationships. Typically, my patients who relocate choose to continue to work with me via Skype. I treasure the relationships my clients and I have built throughout my 25+ years as a therapist and look forward to many more.




Jillian Pedrick Professional Relationship Therapist

As a therapist, parent, and spouse, I understand how challenging relationships can be and how difficult it can be to break old unproductive patterns of relating. In my early life, I was unable to connect beyond the surface level with my partners due to limitations and fears within myself. Fortunately, I worked determinedly to forge a deeper, more conscious connection with myself, which has helped me to open up to others. As a result, I am not only a better partner; I am also a better parent, therapist, and friend.   
My personal experiences with parenting, co-parenting, mediation, multi-cultural problem solving, and holistic health training, help me relate with my clients and give meaningful guidance to help them solve a problem.