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This should feel like a good fit for you from start to finish. If you have questions regarding therapy in general, would like to learn a little more about how I can help, or you'd like to get started, contact me for a free 15-minute consultation so we can begin addressing your concerns and goals together.

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After Consultation

Once we decide to move forward with therapy, the first step is completing an intake questionnaire before your first appointment either in person at my Vancouver or Squamish offices, or online via Skype. 

  • For individuals, this step helps me understand your challenges either in developing relationships or as a partner. 
  • For couples, I assess both of your answers on separate questionnaires to understand each of your viewpoints and assess your strengths & challenges as a couple. 

Having this information completed before your first appointment helps me develop strategies to implement right away, saving you time and money.

Your First Session

Gay Couples Therapy

For individuals, first sessions are 1.25 hours in length. 

For couples, the first session will be 1.5 hours in length.
During this first counseling session, I will provide feedback on the information I gathered from our consultation, and the questionnaire(s). I will offer advice on what needs to happen for your relationship to improve, and together, we can create goals and time frames for our work together.

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Follow up counseling Sessions

We will work together to solve your relationship problems and help you heal. I will also provide education and give you information and concrete action steps for you to take home.  This process will help you integrate the changes that you are making in the therapy room.  

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Completion of Therapy

The number of sessions we have will depend on your needs and goals. If your problems have not been going on for long, it may only take a few sessions. For deeper and lasting change of ingrained patterns of behavior, therapy often takes longer - typically 12 sessions or more.     

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